1 day Raspberry Pi workshop

Learn the basics on how to get hacking with this infamous credit-card sized computer!



Arduino workshop

Start your making journey with this open source and low-cost board that everyone can afford. Learning electronics and coding couldn't get any easier!



Everyone should be a maker.

Technology has dramatically changed our lives in the past several decades. So much so that we consume technology day in day out without giving it a second thought. Have you ever wondered how we got to where we are today with technology? The answer is simple: we made it. Despite this obvious fact, less and less people are being exposed to the foundations of technology itself - historically personal computers had to be built and programmed first before anything could be done with it - this lack of DIY and exploration to computing has led to many, especially millenials, becoming mere users of technology.


Recognising the crucial role that technology plays in our modern lives today - and will continue to play moving forward - Thinkerers.org aims to equip curious minds with the know-how of tomorrow via collaborative maker-related workshops. Unfortunately, as most of us are aware, schools aren't doing such a good job at it due to the rapid changes that inherently defines the technology sector.


We conduct hands-on, interactive, learning-by-doing workshops where we believe anyone can pick up the basics of computer science, hobby electronics and the DIY mindset. Subsequently participants should be able to use this combination of disciplines to explore making their own gadgets and gizmos. Some call this "physical computing" or "software meets hardware". We much prefer the term "making". All our activities are developed to reignite the imagination, rekindle curiosity and instill the joy of learning cool stuff together.

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