The story

After a long-run as a CRM software specialist working with established corporations such as Hong Leong Bank, Standard Chartered, Kraft Foods, Parker Hannifin, and CIMB Principal, Adrian decided it was time to give back to society and started to explore the education industry and was particularly interested in the latest developments in education reform happening throughout the globe. Being a typical IT guy and technology enthusiast, it was no surprise that he eventually found out about the maker movement and how it was spreading like wildfire everywhere.


His entrepreneurial journey earnestly started in mid-2014 (despite dreaming of being his own boss straight out of college) and eventually took the form of Makers and Thinkerers Enterprise in early 2015 as a single-person effort using lean startup principles. Sensing a gap in the tech training market, especially for the Raspberry Pi, he decided to take action and got together some people he knew and conducted the very first workshop on 7th March 2015. Thanks to the support of other social enterprises and budding entrepreneurs who were already involved in maker-like activities, the equipment and the venue was secured in a very short time hence making the very first pilot workshop a reality.


Having successfully established FablabKL for Asia School of Business (the first MIT-accredited digital fabrication lab in Malaysia), he now aims to unite and formalise makers throughout the nation via Malaysia Makers Association and is actively seeking long-term partnerships and collaborations with other like-minded organisations and individuals out there. He hopes to one day make something so unique that every maker would be able to recognise his "signature". His efforts so far has managed to catalyse the nascent maker movement in Malaysia to the next level with the ultimate hope of putting Malaysian makers on the map.

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