Full day Raspberry Pi workshop

Welcome to this experiential learning environment where everything is based around the concept of "learning-by-doing". Thinkerers.org was started based on the belief that everybody can and should be "making". The workshop will revolve around hobby electronic prototyping with the Raspberry Pi (or just Pi for short), as an easy introduction to the maker movement and the infinite possibilities within it. Do take note that the maker movement isn't just about electronics but also extends to anything that is "made" - which is just about almost everything you see around you.


You will learn collaboratively to make the class more engaging and fun. Working with others, especially when it comes to the more technical bits, has proven to be more effective in the real world. Everyone knows that "two heads are better than one"!


This introductory class is suitable for you if:

  • you bought a RPi but don't know what to do with it or never had the time

  • you know about the cool stuff you can do with a RPi and want to play around with it first before you buy

  • you love fixing (and perhaps also taking apart) things around you a.k.a. self-proclaimed DIY nut

  • you are just curious to learn about cool and interesting stuff

No prior experience with the Pi, electronics, or programming needed (but if you do, feel free to share it with us!)


IMPORTANT: if you own a RPi, please bring it along to the workshop and mention about it in the booking email

Also IMPORTANT: please bring along your laptop (Windows/Mac/Linux) for the workshop

WARNING: your laptop should have an Ethernet port. The latest Macbook Pros and Airs don't, so bring this or this if possible


What will I learn?


Fees: RM99 per participant (advance payment required to secure your seat - click the button below!)

Venue: your nearby makerspace

Dates: ====this workshop will now be conducted on-demand. Please get in touch====. Maximum 10 pax for each workshop.

Time: 9am - 6pm



1. A full refund of the workshop fee will be granted provided you inform us FIVE (5) working days in advance of your cancellation.

2. We reserve the right to change or tweak the workshop content where deemed necessary e.g. to improve understanding of complex concepts.

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